Why Use FLAIR Strips in Dressage, Stadium Jumping and Cross Country

Alexa Ehlers

1. Health and optimal performance are important for horses at all levels – You may see horses at top levels of competition using FLAIR Strips and think it’s only for them. But, horses in all disciplines and every level of competition need to breathe easy during training and competition so they can perform their best. Oftentimes, lower level horses may not be as fit, may not be in a rigorous training program and may fatigue more easily. So, even though they are not competing at high levels, they are still working hard.

2. Dressage – More people are using Strips during dressage training or warm-ups. Positioning a horse’s head behind the vertical is not natural and increases resistance and stress of breathing. FLAIR Strips are proven to make breathing easier. So, even though FEI doesn’t currently allow Strips during dressage competition doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reduce stress during training.

3. Stadium Jumping – During stadium jumping, horses are holding their breath for at least one third of the round. FLAIR Strips improve breathing efficiency, so horses get the most from each breath when they’re not holding their breath.

4. Cross Country – Galloping and jumping obstacles on a cross country course is one of the most grueling activities a horse is asked to do. Horses are working and breathing extremely hard. FLAIR Strips improve airflow so horses breathe easier. Breathing easier helps reduce fatigue, conserve energy, reduce lung bleeding and improve recovery so horses stay fresh and are ready for tomorrow.

5. Drug-Free and Backed by ScienceDeveloped by veterinarians, FLAIR Strips are self-adhesive nasal strips that support the nasal passages that collapse in all horses during intensive exercise. The Strips are easy to apply and are proven to make breathing easier, reduce fatigue, reduce lung bleeding, conserve energy and quicken recovery.