Kelsey Lauberth, Team FLAIR

Trixie Chicks


Kelsey Lauberth

"Trick riding is an extremely strenuous sport! FLAIR® Strips assist our horses in all aspects of exercise—from training and conditioning to performance and competitions—so they can perform at the top of their game."

Hometown: Native of Bonnots Mill, Missouri. Resides in Poplarville, Mississippi. 

DisciplineTrick Riding

Began Riding: Her first lesson was when she was 8 years old.

Biggest Accomplishments: Named the International Trick Riding Open Champion in 2018 and 2016, North American Trick Riding Women’s Champion, Calgary Stampede Trick Riding Champion in 2016, International Trick Riding Women’s Champion in 2015, and International Trick Riding Team Champion in 2015.

Takes Pride in: The care of her horses - they are her whole world! 

Major Influence in Life: Her mom - she never gives up! 

Shelby Epperson, Team FLAIR

Shelby Epperson

""The job my horses do isn't easy. I ask my horses to run as fast as they can while I hang all of my weight off them in abnormal positions that most people would consider crazy. Most horses go to a rodeo and run around the arena once, but our horses make 5-6 laps at a fast-paced gallop, compensating for our weight distribution. FLAIR® Strips give them the ability to breathe easier with increased airflow to their lungs. When we get out of the arena, my horses are always ready to go again while I catch my breath!" 

Hometown: Willard, Missouri

DisciplineTrick Riding

Began Riding: As soon as she could walk over to the neighbor's to ride their pony.

Biggest Accomplishments: Bringing positive change to the trick riding industry by creating a supportive environment for trick riders and demonstrating what it takes to go “above and beyond” in the care we take for our horses to keep this a joyful sport for them as well. 

Takes Pride in: The business she and Kelsey have created, along with their ambitions to create a more supportive and encouraging trick riding community. 

Major Influence in Life: Shelby's horse, Count, has taught her the importance of responsibility, how to efficiently solve problems, that communication doesn't always involve talking, and how to be a respected leader. According to her, "there is no telling where I would be in life today without every impact Count has had on my life."