Trixie Chicks

Shelby Epperson

"The job my horses do isn't easy. I ask my horses to run as fast as they can while I hang all of my weight off them in abnormal positions that most people would consider crazy. Most horses go to a rodeo and run around the arena once, but our horses make 5-6 laps at a fast-paced gallop, compensating for our weight distribution. FLAIR® Strips give them the ability to breathe easier with increased airflow to their lungs. When we get out of the arena, my horses are always ready to go again while I catch my breath!" 

Hometown: Willard, Missouri
Level of Riding: Professional Trick Rider and Current PRCA Card Member
Began Riding: As soon as she could walk over to the neighbor's to ride their pony.
Biggest Accomplishments in 2017: Quitting her full-time job as a Vet Assistant and pursuing tricking riding with the Trixie Chicks full-time.
Takes Pride in: The business she and Kelsey have created, along with their ambitions to create a more supportive and encouraging trick riding community. 
Major Influence in Life: Shelby's horse, Count, has taught her the importance of responsibility, how to efficiently solve problems, that communication doesn't always involve talking, and how to be a respected leader. According to her, "there is no telling where I would be in life today without every impact Count has had on my life." 


Kelsey Lauberth

"When I compete/perform, I want to feel at the top of my game. Using FLAIR Strips, my horses can have that same opportunity. My main horse and North American Riding Champion, Cookie, has year-round respiratory issues. FLAIR Strips allow him to perform at his best without having to be limited by those issues - that means so much and makes all the difference!"

Hometown: Westphalia, Missouri
Level of Riding: Advanced/Professional Trick Rider
Began Riding: Her first lesson was when she was 8 years old.
Biggest Accomplishments in 2017: Pursuing tricking riding with the Trixie Chicks full-time.
Takes Pride in: The care of her horses - they are her whole world! 
Major Influence in Life: Her mom - she never gives up!