Natalie Kosterman, Team FLAIR

Natalie Kosterman


"I use FLAIR Strips because my horse's respiratory health is my top priority. With the Strips, I know that my horse can use less effort to breathe while simultaneously reducing the effects of EIPH."

Hometown: Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Discipline: Barrel Racing

Began Riding: 1995

User of FLAIR Strips for: 5 years

Recent Accomplishments: Won the 2020 Canadian Barrel Racing Association Open Season Leader Championship.

Fun Facts: Natalie refuses to go anywhere in the truck without stopping for tea and snacks, and her horse searches every pocket and hand near him for treats. Her horse runs to get in and out of the trailer and always yawns before she puts the bit in his mouth and when she switches from warm-up bit to run bit.