Katelyn McLeod, Team FLAIR

Katelyn McLeod


"I love being able to do all I can for my horses. I know when I use FLAIR® Strips I don't have to worry if my horses are going to struggle with breathing. I started using FLAIR Strips after watching my mom, Michele McLeod, run Slick by Design at a rodeo. She ran him, won the rodeo, and he came out of the arena, took a deep breath, and continued breathing as if he had just taken a walk in the park. The recovery time is what really caught my attention, and the other benefits that FLAIR Strips provide really sold me on the product. With FLAIR, I know my horse is able to breathe easier through an airway that is not compromised, which benefits every run we make."

Hometown: Whitesboro, Texas

Discipline: Barrel Racing

Began Riding: At a very young age

User of FLAIR Strips for: 6 years

Recent Accomplishments: 2018 Whitesboro United Professional Rodeo Association Champion; 2018 UPSU Finals Qualifier; 2016 Fort Madison Cinch Shootout Champion; Qualifier for The American in 2015; and 2015 Snake River Stampede Champion.

Fun Facts: She competes on more customer horses than she does on horses she owns. Katelyn owns a 2 year old Slick By Design baby and a 6 year old gelding.