Katelyn McLeod, Team FLAIR

Katelyn McLeod

"I love being able to do all I can for my horses. I know when I use FLAIR® Strips I don't have to worry if my horses are going to struggle with breathing. I started using FLAIR Strips after watching my mom, Michele McLeod, run Slick by Design at a rodeo. She ran him, won the rodeo, and he came out of the arena, took a deep breath, and continued breathing as if he had just taken a walk in the park. The recovery time is what really caught my attention, and the other benefits that FLAIR Strips provide really sold me on the product. With FLAIR, I know my horse is able to breathe easier through an airway that is not compromised, which benefits every run we make."

Hometown: Whitesboro, Texas

Discipline: Barrel Racing

Began Riding: At a very young age

User of FLAIR Strips for: 6 years

Highlights of 2020: Katelyn was able to run some really nice horses, she fell upon a job working at a lumberyard, and met some really nice people due to COVID-19.

Goals for 2021: Win money at Ruby & Pink Buckle, train and run some nice futurity horses, and make her sister Lindsey's wedding as much fun as possible. 

Biggest Accomplishments: 2018 Whitesboro United Professional Rodeo Association Champion, 2018 UPSU Finals Qualifier, 2016 Fort Madison Cinch Shootout Champion, Qualifier for The American in 2015, and 2015 Snake River Stampede Champion.

Fun Facts: She competes on more customer horses than she does on horses she owns. Katelyn owns a 2 year old Slick By Design baby and a 6 year old gelding.