Flo Burnop, Team FLAIR

Flo Burnop

"I work hard but always make sure my horses are happy, 'Pony comes first.' Using FLAIR® Strips is in the best interest of my horses. I know my horses can breathe more easily when wearing FLAIR Strips because I can actually noticed their increased stamina and quicker recovery."

Discipline: Eventing

Highlights of 2021: Success at the International Youth Championships and Pony Trials Novice Level Eventing; Member on the School's Team and Earning National Eventing, Show Jumping, and Dressage Champions. 

Goals for 2022: Achieving double clears at novice on one horse and qualifications to go novice on another, and being selected at National Schools Championships.

Recent Accomplishments: Winning local schools show jumping and arena eventing competitions and completing her first novice level eventing doing her first 2* event.

Fun Facts: As a 15 year old event rider, Flor is ultimately aiming for Team Great Britain selection at Junior and Young Rider levels. She is trained by an Olympian and would love to follow in his footsteps.