Alexis Baratka, Team FLAIR

Alexis Baratka

"My horses put their heart into every run and they deserve the best. FLAIR® Strips are a key component in my competition run. If my horses can't breathe efficiently, they're not performing their best. Knowing that my horses have the best to succeed and perform at the top makes me more confident during and after competition."

Hometown: Phillips, Wisconsin
Level of Riding: Member of the Women's Professional Rodeo Association
Began Riding: During 3rd Grade
Biggest Accomplishments: 2017 WPRA Rookie of the Year - Great Lakes; 2018 Ran Circuit Finalist; American Qualifier; and multiple PRCA/WPRA rodeo wins. 
Takes Pride in: Helping and encouraging other riders.
Major Influence in Life: Pam Bound, Sherry Cervi, and her family.