Alex Hakil, Team FLAIR

Alex Hakil

"I use FLAIR® Strips for the respiratory comfort of my horses. The Strips conserve energy and improve performance during competitions." 

Hometown: Aix-en-Provence, France

Discipline: Barrel Racing

Began Riding: At the age of nine

Highlights of 2021: Season Novice Horse

Goals for 2022: Season NBHA France; Rodeo la Joyeuse; Rodeo Uzès American Horse Show; French Cup Barrel Racing and Pole Bending; European Cup Equitalyon, Vérone Italy; Finales NBHA France Equitalyon; Trophy Ice in Voghera, Italy; and Golden Buckles in Malte, Italy.

Recent Accomplishments: 4th Place Novice Horse Finales NBHA France Equitalyon; 2nd Place Novice Horse Uzès Rodéo; and First Place Novice Horse Season NBHA SUD.

Fun Fact: Looking to develop barrel racing in France.