Achieve Equine Staff

Jim Chiapetta, Achieve Equine Principal

Jim Chiapetta | Principal 

(staying out of the Achieve Equine Team's way)

Riding: Starting in Penning, Sorting, and the Reined Cowhorse with my new horse, Gunner. 

Fun FactEssential food groups: pizza and red wine.

 Michelle Chiapetta, Achieve Equine Principal

Michelle Chiapetta | Principal 

(helping wherever needed)

Riding: I’m just getting to know a brand new Andalusian mare named Liberty.

Fun FactMy other career for the last 30 years has been as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). Yay CRNAs!

Hanna Hartman, Achieve Equine Director of Operations

Hanna Hartman | Director of Operations

Riding: My 17-year-old quarter horse, Playboy CJ (“Red”), and I have fun competing in ranch horse versatility events.

Fun FactWhen I was a kid, I had a pig and her name was 'Stanley'.

Ann Lutnucki, Achieve Equine Office Manager

Ann Lutnucki | Annie-thing You Need aka Office Manager

Riding: All my life I have cared for and played with horses – too many to name. Imagine how exciting it was for me to go to work with the maker of FLAIR® Equine Nasal Strips several years ago. I have the pleasure of designing our limited edition Strips.

Fun FactMy administrative assistant is my 7 lb. terrier, Tonka Toy. He protects all of us at the office from the scary delivery truck drivers.

Kate Loecken, Achieve Equine Administrative Services Kate Loecken | Administrative Services

Riding: Although I don’t ride, I do love animals. I have two rescues, a Pekingese Primm and a Shepherd/Lab mix puppy Valerie. Also, Midge the Hedgehog is a unique member of the family. While not wrangling pets, I enjoy traveling, photography, and watching my kids’ soccer games.

Fun FactIf one of Jim and Michelle’s pets are in the office, I probably let them in!

Boo, Achieve Equine Staff

Boo | Office Celebrity 

Draft Cross

Everybody loves Boo. He has starred in two small films, one of which premiered at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival. Jim's proudest moment was when Boo galloped down the driveway without bucking off his co-star. Like most movie stars, Boo loves attention. But beware, if you get too close, he has been known to empty a glass of wine with one efficient swirl of his tongue. 

Gunner, Achieve Equine Staff

Gunner | New Guy on the Block 

Quarter Horse

Gunner is Jim's newest addition. Gunner is a mellow guy and is proving to be very tolerant (Jim's words) of his new owners. Gunner also loves attention and has been a patient subject in FLAIR® photo shoots. 

Liberty, Achieve Equine Staff

Liberty "The Mare" | New Gal on the Block


Libby is Michelle’s newest addition. She’s an 11-year-old princess from Montana. As a former range horse, Libby is curious of her new environment, including the mirror in the arena. Like most princesses, she has a love/hate relationship with the mirror. She’ll run towards the mirror, but then be startled by her own reflection. Libby stands her ground amidst her new barn-mates Boo and Gunner. Though Gunner could use a lesson or two on how to act around a lady, Boo has her back as peacekeeper.


Bailey and Nala, Achieve Equine Staff

Bailey & Nala | Welcome Committee 

Chiweenie & German Shepherd

Jim and Michelle's dogs, Bailey and Nala, are frequent office visitors. Bailey thinks she's the "big dog" while Nala is content to let her believe it. Bailey loves riding on the tractor with Michelle and sneaking into the chicken coop for scraps. Nala loves greeting staff and can often be found perched at the office door hoping to be let inside. This duo has been known to hop into UPS trucks and to resurface with an unsuspecting driver's pizza box. 

Tonka, Achieve Equine Staff

Tonka Toy | Assistant Office Admin

Jack Russell/Miniature Pinscher Mix

Ann's sidekick "Tonka" is a dedicated staff member. He can be found buried under a blanket in the crate below Ann's desk or perched in the office window. Tonka often helps Ann make USPS drops. Tonka has an unrequited love for Nala.