Tayla Moeykens, Team FLAIR

Tayla Moeykens

"My family and I have been using FLAIR® Strips for many years and have seen multiple benefits from them. We continue to use FLAIR because they help our horses to perform at their best while providing them with health benefits that make recovery time easier and faster after a run. One of our horses is a bleeder and he wears one every time he runs. We believe they have made a huge difference in terms of his health and his performance life. He is now 19 years young and still capable of running at the top of his game. We also used to run a stud horse. His breathing after exertion of any kind, was rough, heavy, and his recovery time was long. We used a FLAIR Strip on him at a barrel race. The results were phenomenal! The rough, heavy breathing was gone and his recovery time have been cut by more then half. We will continue to use FLAIR Strips on all of our barrel, pole, and breakaway horses because this is truly a product we believe in.“

Location: Montana
Type of Riding: Barrel Racer
User of FLAIR Strips for: Couple years