Shelby Brost

"The care for my horses is paramount. FLAIR® Equine Nasal Strips keep me at ease knowing my horses are well equipped to breathe easier while training, competing and recovering. I trust in FLAIR Strips."

Hometown: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Level of Riding: 3* Eventer
Began Riding: During 5th Grade
Biggest Accomplishments in 2017: Winning 7th overall at CCI 2* Bromont and being the Top Placed Canadian
Takes Pride in: Going the extra mile in caring for, training and competing her horses. 
Major Influence in Life: Her older sister, Shannon. She passed away from cancer in early 2017 and taught Shelby to work harder than a person's limit and the value of a smile and kind heart. Most importantly, Shannon taught her sister perseverance and resilience.