Rhea Fenner, FLAIR AmbassadorRori Fenner

"We began using FLAIR® Strips when my sister and I started to become more competitive. Our mom noticed that our horses were breathing pretty heavy when they finished a run; so, we started paying more attention and began to think our horses were holding their breath while they ran. We tried a FLAIR Strip and instantly noticed a difference! Our times were faster and when we came out of the gate, our horses weren't huffing and puffing anymore. We were very excited and have used the Strips ever since! Our mom decorates our FLAIR Strips, making it super fun to show them off and tell others why we believe in them."

Location: Lovelock, Nevada
Type of Riding: Barrel Racing
User of FLAIR Strips for: 5 years
Favorite Color FLAIR Strip: I will always love Purple the most, but Leopard is a close second!