Mollie Himes, Team FLAIR

Mollie Himes

"My horse is 16 years old, and we frequently compete against horses half his age or younger. When we're at a mounted shooting competition or fun show, we are running multiple times - usually rather quickly - making recovery time super important! With FLAIR® Strips, I can feel and physically tell that Remmy gets his energy back faster!"

Discipline: Mounted Shooting

Began Riding: At the age of five

Goals for 2023: Attend two CMSA major shoots this year, one during May in Ohio, and another in September (Eastern Championship in Tennessee), and compete in tri-state shoots with local clubs, traveling to Virginia and further south. 

Fun Fact: Mollie is living the dream she has been chasing since she was five. Up until July 2013 when she bought her first horse, Mollie went to lessons and borrowed friends' horses. When she's not riding, Mollie has a paintbrush in hand. She's a self-taught face painter for parties and events; the makeup manager of a well-known haunted house, The ScareHouse, and also a scenic painter there. Mollie is never afraid to dive into something new and will always lend a hand if she can!