Linda Cowperthwaite, Team FLAIR

Linda Cowperthwaite

"I have been an Endurance rider for over 30 years. I have seen the sport grow globally, and as a result, become more competitive. With competitive endurance races ranging from 80km to 160km, holding off fatigue is important; FLAIR® Nasal Strips aids in this. In endurance, attention to every detail is needed, especially in the vet gates. A faster heart rate recovery can result in a better race position, while a high heart rate can mean elimination. FLAIR Strips open up the nasal airways and we believe they are a key aid in a competitive, speedy recovery in vet gates for Team H Endurance horses. FLAIR Strips are always part of our CEI vet gate kit."

Hometown: Lancaster, Lancashire


Began Riding: As soon as she was able to. 

Biggest Accomplishments: Progressing two horses to the International Level at CEI*. 

Takes Pride in: Prep, teamwork and achieving goals. 

Major Influence in Life: The horses she is lucky to compete with and the back-up team who gives Linda so much of their time to help Team H Endurance succeed.