Kimberley Worley, FLAIR AmbassadorKimberley Worley

"I started competing on a new horse who was literally "sucking wind" as she was headed for home and had quite the cough after finishing her hard runs. A friend recommend FLAIR® Strips and I haven't gone without one since. I was absolutely taken back by the difference the Strip made in my horse's performance, recovery, and overall health. Not only did she run harder in competition, but her warm up was smoother and effortless, the coughing nearly ceased, her recovery was nearly instant, and she didn't leave the arena winded and struggling to catch her breath. The difference was visible from day one and only improved with each competition. FLAIR Strips have become a non-negotiable for me and have become just as important as splint boots and a good saddle pad. After seeing the very visible profound difference with my horse, the rest of my family began incorporating the Strips, too - we are now a FLAIR Strips family!"

Location: Vale, Oregon
Type of Riding: Mounted Shooting
User of FLAIR Strips for: 1 year