Kimberley M. Worley, FLAIR AmbassadorKimberley M. Worley

"I have been absolutely taken back by the difference FLAIR® Strips make in my horse's performance, recovery, and overall health. The difference was visible from day one and has only improved with each competition. When I started riding my new horse, she ran harder than any horse I had ever competed on before - to the point you could see her nose suck in as she hit the run down and was headed for home, literally "sucking wind."  Then, she would cough horribly at shut down. FLAIR Strips literally combats all her issues; not only did she run harder in competition, but her warm-up was smooth and effortless, the coughing nearly ceased, and her recovery was almost immediate  (rather than leaving the arena winded and struggling to catch her breath). I was in such awe by the benefits of FLAIR Strips that they quickly became part of my essentials, are always used when I compete, and are just as important to me as splint boots or a good saddle pad. After seeing the very visible profound difference with my horse, the rest of my family jumped on board too. We are now a proud FLAIR Strip family."

Location: Vale, Oregon
Type of Riding: Mounted Shooting
User of FLAIR Strips for: 1 year
Favorite Color FLAIR Strip: Pink