Jeff Kirk, Team FLAIR

Jeff Kirk

"In Cowboy Mounted Shooting, we make several runs per day and FLAIR® Strips relieve the stress on my horses and speed up their recovery time." 

Hometown: Arlington, Washington

Type of Riding:
Mounted Shooter

Began Riding: 2005

User of FLAIR Strips for:
5 years

Highlights of 2020: Getting to see all of our mounted shooting family at the shoots that were able to be held, despite COVID-19 restrictions. 

Goals for 2021: Move up to a Men's Level 4.

Biggest Accomplishments: Won 2nd place in the CMSA Lakota Western US Championships Limited Eliminator. 

Fun Facts: Jeff was first introduced to Cowboy Mounted Shooting through Cowboy Church. His first shooting horse holds a world record in the CMSA and his current shooting horse used to be a reiner.