Jayden Wilson, FLAIR AmbassadorJayden Wilson

"A few years ago, my main horse, Ruby, began having severe anxiety issues before a run. After many visits to the veterinarian, we determined she had signs of severe chronic EIPH, caused by lack of air reaching her lungs. After a tie-forward surgery to help open her airway and a successful rehabilitation, I asked my veterinarian about other supportive care I could give while running. He recommended FLAIR® Strips after seeing good results and knowing it was one of the few products on the market with real scientific studies. I immediately noticed a difference in Ruby's recovery time when using FLAIR Strips compared to when I didn't use them. I now use the Strips on my young horse, too. I love FLAIR Strips because I can see the difference in my horses recovery and I like having a safe, drug-free option to help support my barrel horses."

Location: Alberta, Canada
Type of Riding: Barrel Racing
User of FLAIR Strips for: 3 years