Emma Vogel, FLAIR AmbassadorEmma Vogel

"I'm a big believer that excellent respiratory health is vital for optimal wellbeing and performance in horses at any level and any discipline. After researching FLAIR® Strips and feeling like my horse was breathing a little restricted, I decided to try FLAIR Strips. I first noticed that my horse's breathing towards the end of his cross country rounds were much more "clear" because FLAIR Strips provide support to tissues surrounding the nasal passages. Recovery time was also significantly reduced, with my horse having regulated his breathing by the time we're back at the lorry - a solid 5-10 minutes faster than he used to. My horse finishes his rounds with a lot of running left in him and feels more energetic throughout the entire course, which leads to better time at events. I want the best for my horses and FLAIR Strips provide the needed support to make their job as easy as possible."

Location: Berkshire, Great Britain
Type of Riding: Eventing
User of FLAIR Strips for: 1 year
Favorite Color FLAIR Strip: Black