Elaine Kelley, FLAIR Ambassador

Elaine Kelley

"I initially started using FLAIR® Strips after thinking my horse was a bleeder, to try and reduce the impact to her lungs. After having my horse scoped, I learned that she wasn't a bleeder and had a respiratory issue, likely related to allergies. When my horse came back to running, FLAIR Strips played an important role in our routine by helping her breathe regularly, compete at her highest level, and recover quicker. Prior to using the Strips, it would take a long time for my mare to catch her breath and fully cool down. FLAIR Strips have cut her recovery time in half and has allowed her to cool down quickly. In barrel racing, every second counts, and FLAIR Strips are an easy, natural way for my horse to stay on top of her game."

Location: Warren, Ohio
Type of Riding: Barrel Racing
User of FLAIR Strips for: 2 years