Annika Asling, FLAIR AmbassadorAnnika Asling

"I love a product that follows  evidence-based practice and has sound research behind it. The fact that research began in the 1990's and at least four reputable Vet-Med Universities have participated in clinical studies is pretty cool. When using FLAIR Strips®, I notice a huge difference with my thoroughbred and my heavier warmblood; they recover quicker, aren't fatigued when show jumping the next day, and I don't need to worry about EIPH during long, tedious courses. FLAIR Strips give me a lot of peace of mind!"

Location: Renton, Washington
Type of Riding: Eventing
User of FLAIR Strips for: 7 years
Favorite Color FLAIR Strip: White because they can be designed and changed so easily to personalize