The FLAIR Ambassador Program engages riders around the world and at all levels of competition to provide product education to their peers and promote the use of FLAIR® Strips. 

This year's program runs from January 12 - December 31, 2021 and we're looking for 30 ambassadors to join our team.


Each FLAIR Ambassador will receive an Ambassador Program Package, including marketing materials, 48 FLAIR Strips for personal use plus more to share as samples, a FLAIR Towel, and patches.

FLAIR Ambassadors agree to: 

  • View the FLAIR training webinar prior to receiving their FLAIR Ambassador Program Package
  • Submit a non-professional photo that can be used on FLAIR social media and website
  • Provide a product testimonial
  • Actively and positively promote FLAIR Strips
  • Distribute marketing materials, such as literature, brochures, or other product information, as provided

Ambassadors located in the United States will be given a unique promo code that can be used to promote the product and purchases at flairstrips.com. The promo code is for 15% off an order at flairstrips.com, limit 2 uses per customer, expires Dec. 31, 2021, not valid for Custom Strips.

There will be a tiered incentive program for use of the Ambassador’s promo code throughout the 2021 year:

  • 2 uses of the promo code: Ambassador receives a FLAIR Hat
  • 6 uses of the promo code: Ambassador receives a complimentary FLAIR Six Pack
  • 12 uses of the promo code: Ambassador receives 2 complimentary FLAIR Six Packs
  • 20 uses of the promo code: FLAIR Jacket

Ambassadors located outside the United States will receive a FLAIR Hat in their Ambassador Package and Flair will contact the FLAIR approved distributor in the Ambassador’s geographic region to see if a promotional opportunity can be arranged. 



Thank You to Our 2020 FLAIR Ambassadors
Flo Burnop | Eventing, Great Britain Jenny Massing | Barrel Racing, Canada
Sophie Engerran | Horse Racing, United States Sayra Moriel | Barrel Racing, Mexico
Scott Gelner | Horse Racing, United States Alyssa Phillips | Eventing, United States
Alexandra Hakil | Barrel Racing, France Ruth Rosendaul | Eventing, United States
Mark Hanson | Horse Racing, United States Whitley Sharp | Barrel Racing, United States
Amanda Haradon | Barrel Racing, United States Tyler Shehan | Horse Racing, United States
Jordan Jackson | Barrel Racing, United States Kristin Stephens | Barrel Racing, United States
Elaine Kelley | Barrel Racing, United States Hannah Beth Tems | Barrel Racing, United States
Megan Kepferle | Eventing, United States José Luis Trevino Gutierrez | Horse Racing, Mexico
Montana Madill-Laye | Barrel Racing, Canada Megan Warnick | Barrel Racing, United States