With Kentucky a month away, things are really starting to get exciting for me and my OTTB, AP Prime.  There’s such an incredible mix of emotions.  On one hand, he is so thoroughly prepared, having run two CCI***, both designed by Derek di Grazia, who is also the designer at Rolex.  Every cross country run out he gets better and better, and he kicked off his Advanced career running pretty well from the start.  After watching us go at Red Hills last weekend, my coach Peter Gray said to me, if you needed to go to Rolex tomorrow, you would be ready.  What a gift to feel like I’ve got all my i’s dotted and t’s crossed!

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Leah and AP PRIME — her OTTB partner.
Photo by Susan Morris Marano

On the other hand, the waiting game is incredibly stressful.  As we all know, with horses there are a million things that could go wrong.  With AP in particular, he lives outside with friends.  While the temptation to bubble wrap is so strong, I know it’s in his best interest for his program to remain the same and to keep his stress level to a minimum.  He loves his friends, and his body and digestive systems are so much better off from his constant movement and grazing.

His gallops are another huge cause of stress.  Finding that fine line of getting him fit enough for the hardest test of his life while keeping his body intact is always difficult.  AP of course is iced like crazy after every gallop and has all the best maintenance.  Another key component to keeping my stress down is the use of FLAIR Nasal Strips.  AP uses them for every gallop and cross country run, and it’s just one more thing that gives me piece of mind.  His respiratory system is as critical as his legs, and knowing that I’m doing the absolute best by him in that regard really helps me sleep better at night!

So to everyone who loves FLAIR like I do, welcome to my waiting game.  I’m looking forward to keeping everyone involved and in the loop as me and AP count down the days until Kentucky!

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