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Greetings all!

Sadly we packed Sara Schmitt on the truck heading her towards home this morning. After an unfortunate accident, Sara decided not to proceed to the World Champs. She and her horse are fine, but are on their way back to the US.

We have been here, thanks to generous contributions from many on this list, competing and training. Our first show was the international show at Beekbergen in the Netherlands. Lesson learned: while some horses might do well going straight to a show from the airport, it did not suit Ulano and I. The test was well below our normal standard and marathon was week. The new carriages from Glinkowski were very good, and my friend Scott Adcox did an excellent job of flying in and helping. Cones was good, no balls down but a little slow. We finished in the top ten in cones and around 16th (out of 42) overall)

Our next show was Beesd, a national show in holland. Dressage back to normal, with a 41, just one point in second. It was a two day show, and cones was immediately after. Another lessoned learned: make sure I have someone to set cones in warmup. Our speed was good, but too many balls down. Donna Crookston and Sara Schmitt were also at that show, Sara had some resistance in dressage and cones, while Donna posted a double clear.

Marathon was good, I ended up moving up to fourth place overall, and two points behind leader in marathon. Thanks to Mikey Quinten for his help there!

We came directly to USEF driving Coach Michael Freund’s in Dreieich, Germany and have been training here since then. We were joined by Leslie Berndl last weekend in time for the mandatory training exercise in Verhnheim. Our dressage was a little flat, but cones with a borrowed carriage was still good, and marathon was very smooth, correct, and the best of the group. After a couple of days of rest, Ulano is back in top form and ready for Portugal! We leave Germany on Thurs AM and take three days to complete the 2400 km trip to Lezerias. Thank you all for your support and interest!

very best regards,