Leah and AP are back! (Photo credit:  Alp Photos)

The Downtime

For eventers, the holiday season is always a bit low key, with horses on vacation and a break in our busy competition schedule.  Of course for me, being a tightly wound type A personality, it’s a time to compulsively reflect on the the season that just passed and to plan obsessively for the season to come.

While many of you know that AP sat most of the season out after contusing his left front suspensory branch, the rest of the crew had a very busy summer and fall season.  I had everything out competing from a four year old that won a ridiculous amount of Beginner Novice events, to my seven year old that had a fabulous first season a Prelim and one star.  At times, the summer season felt a bit like chipping away at a slab of marble with a toothpick, but with young horses, slow, steady, and thorough is always the quick way to go.

Now, as all the young horses are just winding up their vacations and are ready to go back to work, I’m elated for the season to come.  I have three young horses that are all ready to move up to Novice, Training, and Prelim, and every single one of them is a serious horse for the future.  Carter, my seven year old, has always gone at his own pace, and I feel like he’s really ready to go out and win at Prelim, not just consistently place in the top 5.

And then there’s AP!  He has been cleared for full work, and has been in dressage boot camp since the end of October.  I feel like our partnership on the flat is finally catching up to the one we have out on cross country, largely due to the improvement in my skill level.  He is consistently giving me clean changes, which you may remember were more like exuberant bucks for our test at Rolex.  I can’t wait to go have a proper jump lesson on him and get out there this season ready to kick some butt!

For me, having all the pieces of my program in place lets me worry about the big picture for all of my horses, their training, goals, and competition plans.  I can’t thank FLAIR Nasal Strips enough for giving me one less thing to worry about.  I have total confidence that when I go out in my jumping phases and ask so much of my equine partners, that their respiratory systems are protected in the absolute best way possible.  Being a constant worrier, I am grateful to FLAIR for putting me at ease in regards to my horses respiratory soundness!  This fabulous product is just one more piece of the puzzle that allows me to focus on me and my horses being the best athletes that we can be!