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The first selection trial went off with reasonable success. We won the first phase, dressage, with a great score of 40.1 penalties. Sixth in the second phase, with the spread from fourth to sixth only tenths of a point apart. That was good enough to keep us in first! Cones was disappointing dropping to third overall. I think I was a little too relaxed for the the beginning of the course, had to tighten up and then the rest of the course was good. New plan for next time!

We are holding a Gala fundraiser to help support the show expenses, including hopefully the trip to Europe later in the year. As you might imagine, shipping horse, carriages, associated gear and people over and back is quite an undertaking. Our record so far makes it likely that we will be selected for the team. We have won the dressage in both of our outings, and been in the ribbons also. Our next show will be the last weekend of March, preceded by another training session with national coach Michael Freund. If anyone is interested in coming to the Gala and has not received an invitation, contact me asap, and if you want to make a contribution, there are two options, including one that will give a tax deduction for the full amount of the contribution. Thanks for your support and have a great year!