One selection trial down for Wendy – the next one is coming up next weekend in Ocala, at the Live Oak Stud. Wendy reports that the horses are going well, and she is getting more mentally prepared as well. Go Team Wysiwyg!

Life in Kentucky is good, despite the lack of Wendy! The weather seems to have finally broken, and it’s nice to get to drive outside of the indoor arena again! I have gotten to present the pony team at two different occasions. We here at Gayla Driving Center hosted and open house, sort of a “meet the new head trainer” gig. I rode one of the client’s horses, drove a pair, long lined one, drove the four ponies, and then drove an advanced single. Everyone had a great time, with tons of help from friends and clients. I think everyone went home with a better idea of what my abilities are and what they can expect from all of us here at Gayla.

Last Friday, we took the ponies to the Kentucky Horse Park to participate in an event produced by the University of KY College of Agriculture, Equine Initiative program. In short, it was a program designed to introduce various youth groups to the equestrian disciplines that will be competing in the World Equestrian Games this fall. We were the ones chosen to represent driving! Thanks to Janeene Jennings, I can show you pictures and video of our demo. I was very proud of the ponies. There were over 5,000 people registered to attend, and the ponies have not been working as a team very long. In fact, one of the leaders has been in the team OR a pair less than a dozen times I would guess. Intro and dressage phase marathon and cones phases

More exciting news: Phoenix Performance Products, Tipperary Equestrian division products is joining Flair Equine Nasal Strips as our sponsor, so look for Team Wysiwyg and myself sporting our new Tipperary gear in the near future! Thanks for all of your support and have a great 2010!

– Sterling Graburn, March 22, 2010