Delano MN – Flair LLC, makers of the FLAIR® Equine Nasal Strip, is very pleased to announce their sponsorship of the October 2013 WAREDACA Horse Trials. WAREDACA Horse trials will be competed the weekend of October 24-27, 2013 in Laytonsville Maryland.

In addition to financial support, Flair LLC will donate prizes for winners, as well as distributing a FLAIR Equine Nasal Strip to each and every WAREDACA competitor.

The distribution of FLAIR Strips to WAREDACA competitors compliments Flair LLC’s Back-to-Back Eventing contest, which awards eventing competitors $250 for each back-to-back horse trials win in which the horse wears a FLAIR Equine Nasal Strip during the cross-country and stadium elements of two back-to-back horse trials.

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About WAREDACA Horse Trials: WAREDACA October Horse Trials is one part of a WAREDACA multiple horse trials series. Located on 220 acres in the heart of the 10,000 plus acre Montgomery County Agricultural preserve, WAREDACA’s equestrian amenities make it a very popular equestrian destination along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.

About FLAIR Nasal Strips: FLAIR Strips provide drug-free support and protection to the respiratory system of the hard-working equine athlete. FLAIR Strips are proven to: reduce airway resistance, reduce lung stress and bleeding, reduce fatigue, and shorten post-exercise recovery time.

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