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Greetings all!
Mannkato did his first FEI show and WOW, did he pull through. We drove the new FEI 3* test as a qualifier for the Worlds next year. Its a very interesting test, 25 movements, with three canters, four trots and lateral movements. “Kato” pulled off a 47 penalty score for fourth place in dressage. Best FEI marathon and fastest double clear in cones pulled him up to 2nd overall. The National Coach is very excited about us and encouraged a campaign for the World Champs next year in Piber, Austria.

Tuesday we head to Louisville for the Hermitage Classice CDE and the USEF National Singles Champs. Kato enjoyed a spa day at KESMARC and has a Chiropractor appointment tomorrow in preparation. Thank you for you support and I look forward to more good news after this weekend!

With great gratitude,